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Nowadays, videos have become an unavoidable presence in our daily life. We spend a lot of time switching from our phone to the computer and the television. What’s awaiting us on these devices? Videos from our favourite brands and creators! In HubSpot’s report, about half of the participating marketers said that they ramped up their Facebook and YouTube video strategy. According to Wyzowl study, currently, 85% of businesses use video as part of their marketing strategy and 92% believe it’s integral. A recent Zenith study estimates that in 2021, people will spend an average of 100 minutes watching videos every day. The data makes one thing clear: video content is of dominant significance. Consumers would want more from their preferred brands, which means business on the horizon.

The significance of video marketing is that it is vital for growing a business, connecting to the audience and spreading brand awareness online.

Why Videos Relevant?

Videos are highly engaging because they’re easier to connect than text. Do you know that a one-minute video is equivalent to 1.8 Million words? Research shows that while people remember 95% information from a video, they acquire only 10% from a text.

Whether you need to highlight your products, services, company or staff or even want to build a social media community, videos are vital.

Why does your Business Need Video Content?

Videos are entertaining. Strategically crafted videos for your audience can persuade them to action. Most of the audiences want to see videos from their preferred brands.

By now you have seen the importance of video marketing. How can you apply it in your promotional strategy? The first step is to connect with The Digital Innovation Lab to understand your requirements.

Brand Care Videos: Create a stunning video that showcases your brand value to a large audience. It’s an opportunity for you to tell your audiences about the uniqueness of your brand.

Product videos: Highlight your product with unboxing videos, tutorials or demo videos.

Pitch Videos: Make an impressive pitch video to connect with your investor

How-To Videos: Teach your audience how to do something relevant to their life with instructional how-to videos.

Customer Testimonials: Nothing endorses your brand better than customer reviews and testimonials.

Branded Content: These videos are essentially video advertisements like commercials or social media ads that serve to build awareness about your brand values, mission and culture.

Behind The Scenes: Put a face to your brand by inviting viewers to see the work that goes behind your business operations and production.

Produce Content for Your Target Audience

In marketing, we talk a lot about the target audience. That’s because they are the people who benefit the most from our brand. That’s why we need to target them. Ensure that every video resonates with the ideal customers.

Create Videos for Different Platforms

There are multiple social media platforms. That doesn’t mean you have to create video content for every single one. Instead, focus on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook that are most conducive to videos.

Review of Analytics and Engagement Data

Audience Engagement data is critical for understanding what your audience wants. We help you pay attention to your analytics so that you can create content that your audience will interact with.

Time To Roll The Camera

To sum up, video marketing is an effective strategy to engage your audience, attract new customers and promote the brand online.

With more people turning to video content daily, you have access to massive audiences. Once you capture their attention, they’re more likely to take action. is an award-winning original content developer who believes in creating strategic and high-quality visual content that can be your competitive differentiator. Content marketing in the form of sustained storytelling will yield more trust in the long run than interrupting ads. That’s why the original brand storytelling works.

Now it’s your turn to make your digital brand video. Because demand for video content is increasing and 64% users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

The Digital Innovation Lab helps you grow digitally.

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