medQ is designed to Bridge the Healthcare and Technology for a Healthier Future. With a strong commitment to enhance public health, medQ has established an array of innovative projects that are set to shape the future of healthcare. medQ’s mission lies in making healthcare services accessible to all. Through a carefully crafted framework, medQ empowers the public a simplified process of accessing medical care. By leveraging technology we eliminate geographical barriers and save time. medQ ensuring the individuals medical attention without worrying about financial constraints.medQ’s preventive test packages helps manage our health. medQ’s surgical assistance connect patients with top-tier surgical experts, etc. medQ’s visionary approach addresses some of the most pressing challenges facing the healthcare and redefines the way individuals perceive and interact with healthcare, and we promising a healthier and more connected future for all.

medQ is a revolutionary medical aggregating mobile application that puts the power of healthcare in your hands. We connect the public to 24 essential health services, ensuring convenient and timely access along with real time location sysytem. From booking appointments to locating nearby hospitals, medQ app streamlines your healthcare journey. medQ links you to blood donors in real-time. Facing an emergency? The ambulance service is just a tap away, and many more. Experience the future of healthcare, where efficiency and accessibility meet at your fingertips.

ABIX GLOBAL GROUP is a prominent business research company that has expanded into the realm of health tech. Founded by Adish Chakyery, a postgraduate in business management, along with IT expert Shamna and Dr. Harshad, the company is now venturing into IT-enabled projects within the healthcare sector. Their focus on leveraging technology to enhance healthcare services reflects their commitment to innovation and improving the industry.

ABIX GLOBAL GROUP’s expansion into various business segments like retail, real estate, and agritech indicates their diverse approach to developing innovative business ideas. This demonstrates their adaptability and vision to apply their expertise beyond the healthcare sector, contributing to advancements and growth in multiple industries.


Adish Chakyery

Co-Founder & CEO medQ

medQ is single & multi speciality platform to provide all kind of medical and healthcare related services. Its design and developed by ABIX GLOBAL Pvt Ltd

Services OF


medQ App: India’s premier medical app 24 healthcare services, easy access, real-time location, appointments, prescriptions, and wellness options.

medQ Card: Discounts, health insurance, free checkups, referral income, plus a bio card with personal information.

medQ Care: MedQ-India’s healthcare hub, offering affordable pre/post-surgical care, treatments, and specialized services.

medQ Test: Varied health test packages for preventive diagnosis, covering diverse parameters, aiding early detection and improvement.

medQ Store:Its B2B and B2C medical distribution and supply chain system.

medQ Staffing: Expert in healthcare staffing, connecting providers with qualified candidates, simplifying hiring processes.

medQ ERP:medQ offers ERP Solution to the health care networks according to their requirements.

medQ Relife:medQ’s mission was to assist and support poor people with medicine and medical assistance.

medQ Digital Solutions:medQ helps to market the health care networks their brands through Digital Marketing and also provides others digtal solutions.


medQ emerges as a visionary IT startup, illuminating a path toward a smarter healthcare ecosystem under ABIX GLOBAL GROUP. medQ stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation and medical acumen. Fueled by a passion for innovation and a commitment to improve healthcare access medQ’s journey began in 2012, Sparked by a shared vision to aggregate medical resources medQ pioneered an integrated mobile application. The inception of medQ was not merely a stroke of luck, but rather a meticulous culmination of research and dedication. In 2012, the co-founders Adish, Shamna, and Dr Harshad embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between medical service providers and patients. This marked the birth of a medical aggregating company that envisions a healthcare system bolstered by connectivity.

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