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Gazelle Capital

Gazelle Capital

There’s a gap between funding an idea and building a company. We help founders fill it — with hands-on financial and operational support and early-stage investments.

Founders:MacKenzie Green

Funds: 1

Investments: 3

Investing Sectors

Investing Sectors: SaaS, Technology



Founders are big idea people. We invest early in the ones ready to turn vision and drive into companies that sprint to market-leading positions.

Our funding is just one part of our investment. The other parts are our expertise and skill set in going from idea to thriving business operation.


Founders get stretched thin — responsible for nurturing their idea, securing funding, and building the business to execute the vision.

We empower founders to get it all done. Our business consulting services take care of the backend that makes the company thrive in the long term.


Urban Innovation Fund

A venture capital firm that provides seed capital and regulatory support to entrepreneurs shaping the future of cities – helping them grow into tomorrow’s most valued companies.

$145.5 M

Total Fund Deployed

Founders: Julie Lein and Clara Brenner

Funds: 4

Investments: 63

Investing Sectors

Investing Sectors: Transportation, Energy and Sustainability, Proptech, Future of work, Edtech, Business services, Fintech, Public health and Safety, Govtech, and Food systems.