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Resolute Ventures

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Resolute Ventures

For Resolute, it’s all about the people. There’s nothing we love more than working with founders who have a mission to do something that matters. It’s infectious. It’s what makes us so passionate about what we do. And it’s the exact same mission we have in building Resolute.


Total Fund Deployed

Founders:Michael Hirshland, Raanan Bar-Cohen.

Funds: 5

Investments: 174

Number of Lead Investments: 62

Investing Sectors

Investing Sectors: Consumer, data, developer tools, e-commerce, enterprise, financial services, technology, hardware, software, and marketplace sectors.



A community of Resolute Founders who: share a certain entrepreneurial spirit and energy; are driven by a need to work on things that matter; are unafraid to dream big; are founders whom we think have a better chance than most to actually achieve those dreams; and who believe being connected to a group of like-minded founders will help them succeed.


We have a well developed view of who we are and who we aren’t, and a clear and consistent style of working with founders.


Urban Innovation Fund

A venture capital firm that provides seed capital and regulatory support to entrepreneurs shaping the future of cities – helping them grow into tomorrow’s most valued companies.

$145.5 M

Total Fund Deployed

Founders: Julie Lein and Clara Brenner

Funds: 4

Investments: 63

Investing Sectors

Investing Sectors: Transportation, Energy and Sustainability, Proptech, Future of work, Edtech, Business services, Fintech, Public health and Safety, Govtech, and Food systems.