top 50 startups in Kerala


top 50 startups in Kerala

VIVIFI’s vision is to offer Innovative Financial Products to customers across the Credit Spectrum, leveraging Technology and Data Science, with focus on underserved / unserved customers.

Working to become India’s largest lender, VIVIFI aims to provide credit for the non-prime borrower with completely automated fulfillment. We want to achieve this by becoming the lender of choice for the underserved & unserved salaried/self-employed individuals who have limited or no access to credit by onboarding them with a smaller value credit line in the form of FlexSalary and FlexPay.


The founders have experience in short-term, long-term, unsecured & secured loans to salaried & self-employed individuals. The founders had previously established highly sought-after loan products leveraging their collective expertise in Data Analytics, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Reporting, Digital Marketing and financial technology development using a variety of web technologies available. 


Anil Kumar Pinapala


Srinath Kompella


VIVIFI India Finance Pvt. Ltd. was registered on July 9, 2016 to address the lack of lending products for India’s large & growing deserving and under-served consumers.

Services OF

Axnol Digital Solutions

Axnol provides end-to-end services across a wide variety of technologies and business verticals. Our differentiators are our successful track record in delivering innovative solutions, flexible engagement models, mature processes and continuous focus on emerging technologies.

Visual Design / Wire framing / Branding / Responsive / Custom Typography.

Product Fulfillment / Discounts and Promotions / Secure Payment Processing.

User Experience / Prototyping / Platform Design / Interaction Design / Data Capture

Modular / Quality Testing / Bespoke Platform / Flexible and Scalable

Cross-platform / Touchscreen / Usability / Smart Loading / Device Dimensions

User Interviews / Problem Solving / Technical Consulting / Practices Analysis

Goal Setting / Benchmarking / Trend Spotting / Funnel Analysis

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