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Riding on innovative technology

The automatic features present in expensive premium cars are now affordable to ordinary people too, thanks to the innovative efforts of Vimal Kumar, a B-Tech graduate. With his unique device, the middle class car segment is all set to witness a revolutionary change. Vimal is one of the rare geniuses who secured the prism fund of the Central government for unique innovation. Now, this young engineer is taking up efforts to launch his product in the market.

Now, High features present in premium cars can’t be seen in Medium-priced cars. Car companies use most of their R and D products in their premium cars. But, this young engineer, Palakkad-native Vimal Kumar, is making small cars smart through his innovative signaling system. Vimal has developed a device that operates eight car tools like the ac, power windows and headlights through audio command and touch screen. Usually, this expensive facility is only present in cars priced above 20 lakh. But Vimal’s popular innovation makes it affordable for the owners of the ordinary cars too. Though this device can be operated using mobile phone, Vimal prefers a touch screen that can be placed on the dash board as phone use during driving is illegal.

Vimal, post his BTech in Electronics and Communication, has been incorporating his craze for cars with his career. He started by making his bedroom as an experimental lab. It is from there that Vimal reached a conclusion that multiple devices can be operated using signaling system without computer programming. Vimal’s product has been selected to enterprising funding scheme of the Central Science and Technology Department that amounts up to 1 crore. The product will be launched after collecting feedback from the customers by installing the devices in ten cars as a trial version.

The Central government’s Department of industrial policy and promotion has approved Vimal’s company named VI Innovations Private Limited as a startup company. With this, Vimal will receive Prime Minister’s benefits of start-up India programme. Among them, the guidance, financial aid and business opportunities thrown open by the Centre will be the key factors. Now, some automotive companies have offered help to Vimal Kumar. Vimal says that his device would be beneficial for differently-abled persons too.

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