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Carbon Masters, A startup for curbing carbon debris

A nation like India what really sought after today, is nothing but a solution to the waste management which has been consuming our society day by day. ‘Carbon Masters’ despite being an organic waste management company, it has been a solution provider at metro city of Bangalore to purify the atmosphere that is being polluted on.

Carbon masters at using scientific methods and technologies recycles the organic debris discharged from hotels and apartments to produce products including cooking gas. Despite they have been providing through recycling, a bio-fertilizer for farmers to be used instead of chemical fertilizers. Kevin Houston and Som Narayanan, the postgraduate duo on carbon from Edinburg University, spearheading the team that has already been successfully implemented the very idea that may have to experiment over all the metros in India.

That is why Carbon masters becoming one of the promising start-ups in India. The outcome of their experiment, CNG, which is on 10% cost saving product rather than LPG. At Iskcon temple in Bangalore, they setup a carbon light box to produce up to 50kg of CNG on each day.

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