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Atal tinkering lab boosting start-up ecosystem in the country, Ramanan Ramanathan

ATAL Innovation Mission under the Central Government spearheads future generation to the benchmark innovations and technologies of the world. Number of activities help on boosting up start-up ecosystem in the country implement by Mission by its Atal tinkering lab projects. On making up a future generation, Atal tinkering labs work from school level on wards. Atal Innovation Mission Director, Ramanan Ramanadhan on special interview given to Channeliam.com explained on Missions’ projects.

Atal tinkering lab function on making students conscience on future technologies like IT Robotics, virtual reality. These technologies will help them on resolving problems incurred by society in the fourth coming days. So that Atal tinkering labs aim in order to make students familiar with these technologies. Atal tinkering lab is quite active in states including Kerala.

Atal tinkering labs provide RS10 crore for universities in developing technology ventures. By this, students who come out from these universities procure opportunity to startup ventures. The mentoring and incubation facilities will help students develop themselves as excellent investors. Young entrepreneurs get technology access and required help on venture capital and asset capital.

Atal innovation mission support start-ups by cooperating with MSME sectors, NGOs and investment capital

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