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Rotibot an instant chapathi maker from INGEN robotics

Technological inventions have changed our lives to betterment, especially in the food sector. Rotibot is one such example by Kerala based Ingen Robotics, Rotibot, is a unique roti making machine which is fully automated. With the blend of technology in daily life, things have been easier. All you need to do is wait for the machine to cook delicious healthy and soft roti ,just by one click.

The Rotibot will measure the flour, mix, knead, flatten and cook the roti. Rejin Narayanan, founder Ingen Robotics succeed on making an advanced prototype after working on 6 models of roti maker. It can cook chapathi in bulk making it easy for the working women and bachelors to have healthy and homemade chapathi without any effort. Ingen robotics team are on the final stage to make the Rotibot commercial.

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