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Waste is the new good, proves Pooja Rai with her Anthill creations

In the bustle life of city, children are the most affected one, especially the under privileged ones. Playgrounds have been snatched away from them. A 5 member team from IIT Kharagpur as part of their college project happened to visit a school and realized the lack of play zones for children.

Using the scrape tyres within days the architecture group gifted a beautiful and colorful playscapes to them. What started off as a project for Pooja Rai has now turned to a startup named Anthill creations. Anthill creations received requests from communities to build more play zones for children’s.

The team believes playing is an integral part in the development of a child’s life apart from education. Anthill creations so far has built 50 playgrounds for children by using recyclable materials to reduce the cost and easy to maintain. Anthill Creations work towards lighter, quicker and cheaper transformation of dead zones into interactive and sustainable playscapes from scrap tyres and recycled material by mobilizing the communities

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