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From ideas to products Google here to guide Startups, Watch KC Ayyagari

Google’s program manager Krishnachytanya Ayyagari in conversation with channeliam.com said that all the programs designed at Google are to help startups to grow. Google’s latest program, cloud startup program, aims to give equal advantage to every startups.

The program provides an equal opportunity for all startups, says Ayyagari. It mainly deals with the technology aspect to the startups. He further explains that most of the startups in India have good idea but they lack when it comes in implementing it. Ayyagari aims to foster the technical angles among the startups.

Google has many services that are not much popular but can make life simpler. Making aware of the services available in google to startups, so that they can take advantage of it is what Ayyagari looks forward to. He believes that having same idea doesn’t matter but implementing it first and off course in a better way wins.

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