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These are the 5 European startups flourishing in AI Industry

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest sectors in the tech industry. AI is embedded into our daily lives from driving cars to diagnosing cancer and the domain is poised to expand in the future. Startups are cashing in on the hype and the money that AI brings along, and the startup ecosystem is poised to ride the crest of this wave. In 2018, billions of dollars were invested in AI firms and research firm PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that AI industry will be a $15 trillion game changer by 2030.

German Auto labs

The Berlin-based German Auto Labs develops a voice AI platform for the automotive vertical. German Autolab’s Chris is a voice assistance hardware specialized for in-car use. Chris is encased in a circular-shaped device with a display installed on the dashboard. It can perform simple commands like sending text messages, playing music and navigation through voice recognition and gesture detection technology.The firm recently raised $7 Mn in a funding round.


Qucit is a French startup that uses AI to make cities more efficient. It aims to reduce pollution & optimize transportation and resource management. Qucit is an example of how AI algorithm can help make cities cleaner & greener. It secured 1.7 Mn in funding.


Germany-based AI research and incubator lab Merantix builds machine learning companies in automotive and health care industries. One of Merantix’s by-products MX Healthcare has developed an AI algorithm that can analyze mammogram x-rays and detect irregularities and signs of cancer with reliable accuracy.


Amsterdam-based Braingineers uses AI to understand its users’ emotions and behaviors. Braingineers uses eye-tracking devices and EEG headsets while users are interacting with their websites.

The Germany-based company Understand.ai specializes in training and test data for computer vision algorithms with a special focus on self-driving cars.

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