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Investor Cafe, a platform for startups to pitch & build network with investors

The Investor Cafe organised by Kerala Startup Mission paves opportunity for startups with a viable product to build a network with multiple investors and pitch them for funding. The Investor Cafe provides startups a chance to meet and pitch angel investors and venture capitalists to raise money. The Investor Cafe is held on every last Wednesday of the month at Kochi Integrated Startup Complex where the startups can pitch their business to investors.

Unicorn India Ventures, Exseed Electron Fund, IAN Fund, Speciale Incept Fund and seed fund are the financial entities selected by the Kerala government through a tender to pump in an investment of over 1000 crore in Kerala startups in the next four years. By 2022, a minimum investment of Rs 300 crore will be infused in promising and performing startups. In India, it is for the first time that startups get a platform to get funding from venture capitalists and angel investors.

The prominent angel networks of India such as Indian Angel Networks, Lead Angels, Mumbai Angels, Chennai Angels, Native Angels and angel networks from Kerala such as Malabar Angels and Smarts Spark are part of Investor Cafe. Startups looking for scale-up can visit Kerala Startup Mission website and register for Investor Cafe meet before 10th of every month.


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