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Women are self-taught in entrepreneurship, says director Anjali Menon

A woman’s strength does not lie in society, economy or in circumstances. Her strength lies solely within herself, asserts director and writer Anjali Menon. Right from preparing lunch box for her kids, she is proving her mettle. Her behaviour in the family proves her skills in marketing, packaging, and selling. Being a woman is her biggest asset, said Anjali Menon.

A woman’s biggest challenge is to define herself. Her potential lies in how she turnarounds an adverse situation to motivate herself, says Anjali Menon citing experience from her own life.

Anjali Menon also shares a story of her God daughter who is now studying at the foreign university. During a ballet class one of her classmate made fun about her colour. The little girl responded politely and said I am special; I have the colour of a chocolate. It is important how we look at ourselves and not what others think about us, she said.

A girl should grow up in this chocolate attitude. Creative industries including cinema are opening up digitalization marketing opportunity and that change should be able to incorporate, Anjali Menon told channeliam.com.


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