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Trijog, redefining mental health in India

Know your mind better through Trijog

Arushi Sethi grew up watching her mother Anureet Sethi, a psychologist by profession, attending to the many people who came to her with mental illness. The impact of this was so huge that when it was time to choose a career, Arushi didn’t have to think twice. Arushi’s dream of working for the mental wellness of society was backed by Anureet who has over 30 years of experience in the field of Clinical Psychology. The mother-daughter duo thus started Trijog, a health wellness startup.

Mental well being
Trijog team volunteers to solve problems concerning behavior, emotional and learning patterns of children and adults. Over 50 psychologists from different parts of the world are part of Trijog. Apart from India, Trijog has clients from Dubai, Singapore, Korea, and the Philippines.
‘On’ and ‘Off’line service
Trijog follows a hybrid model. In addition to working on offline mode under a studio model, Trijog services are available in online mode across chat and video platforms. Trijog connects Pan India individuals and corporate through its B2C networks and schools through their B2B network
How a college assignment became a startup
During her college days in 2014, Arushi was given the task of preparing an idea for a company. She approached her mother for suggestions for the assignment. Arushi clung to the idea rather than considering it as an assignment. Her idea became her dream and it blossomed to a private limited company–Trijog-Know Your Mind.
Campaigns and projects
Located at Powai in Mumbai, Trijog works to eliminate risks due to mental illness and improve the mental health among the public. Trijog has organized numerous campaigns and projects across Mumbai.


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