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Students of Govt Polytechnic College, Palakkad develops a product named Gestalk to help mute people communicate

Gestalk to decode sign language

Communication is one of the main barrier faced by people who have speaking difficulties. They have to work hard to reach out to others, especially in front of people who can’t understand their sign language. This made Vimun, a student of Government Polytechnic College, came to the idea of his project, Gestalk.
Translating sign language
Gestalk creates a difference by translating sign language into any regional language. This makes communication process easy for the speech impaired community. The product is enabled with hand movement detection.  Hand movements can be monitored through the laptop. The product is mainly targeting paralysis treatment and physiotherapy sessions.
Gestalk has won the Special Director Award at the National Innovation Talent Contest held in Kolkata. About 10 engineering colleges from Kerala have received prizes for this product. The product is now in the prototyping stage.They are trying to get down this project as a product ,if they get an investor for manufacturing.


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