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Star in Me, a startup to hunt, develop and showcase women talents    

A professional destination for women

Uma Kasoji, a graduate from IIM Kozhikode, worked for more than 18 years before she decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship. Along with her was colleague Mahua Mukherjee. The two women decided to start a venture after attending a leadership conference in Bengaluru. Because Uma and Mahua were the only women among 70 participants in the conference. This incident fed them with a new thought. The two who wanted to do something different finally decided to quit their jobs and start the startup, The Star in Me.

A guiding light for women

The Star in Me is an exclusive professional ecosystem that caters to the needs of women. This startup provides a platform for women to do what they want from a professional standpoint. Through ‘The Star in Me‘, the women founders guide women through personal branding, networking, career guidance and mentoring that helps them in finding jobs.

Aiming for a collective growth

The Star in Me not only provides a solution for women but also for various other issues in organizations. This startup helps women find their talent and showcase them to the world. Star in Me works for the combined success of both women as well as the organization. The startup offers a marketplace for vendors to display their product. The Star in Me team is currently preparing to launch more interesting features for organizations.


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