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Kerala based startup Foaps integrates food delivery platforms online

Delivery boys from companies like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats and other food aggregators thronging the hotels and restaurants for orders has become a common sight. At the receiving end of this rush are the restaurants that often find it difficult to manage both online and direct customers. Each online platform has a different dashboard which makes ordering even more difficult. For restaurants, managing multiple dashboard is tedious work especially during peak hours. Foaps, a startup co-founded by Abdul Salah, has a solution to this problem. Foaps, a tech solution, helps restaurants integrate online and offline orders on a single dashboard.

Currently, over 100 restaurants in Kochi use Foaps solutions. The startup will expand to more cities soon. The startup has a customer base in Calicut also.

Foaps runs and office space in the incubation space of KSUM, UL Cyber Park, Calicut. They also has a development office at Bengaluru. The startup plans to expand to the Middle East in the near future.

The biggest asset of Foaps is their skilful co-founding team. Foaps was one of the 7 startups selected from among 500 applicants for the third cycle of Flat6Labs Bahrain Accelerator Program in July 2019.


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