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Go local, go vernacular, says IAMAI Startup Foundation CEO Jitender Minhas

Internet is everything

Imagine that all of a sudden, 800 Mn people quit using internet from their mobile phone. Imagine what is going to happen in this world. Moreover, what is going to happen to the e-commerce sector? The effect of a collective unhinging from internet can be drastic. IAMAI Startup Foundation CEO Jitender Minhas said Internet and India are the two factors that will define the future of the world.

Importance of vernacular content
Two factors are relevant. First one is the video content in vernacular language. Think about creating something. Now, your audience doesn’t necessarily be English speakers. This doesn’t mean that they are illiterate. They are literate, but their literacy is limited to their own language. A Malayali is able to understand, speak and write Malayalam. They need content in Malayalam. If they are given content in English, a major portion of the community who prefer local lingo won’t be interested. Even the grandparents in villages will be connected to the Internet if they are given content in language comfortable to them. If they avail content in their mother tongue, they will follow the content provider in social media and the reach widens.
India & Internet
Secondly, the Internet and India will become the two things that are going to be more relevant in the next 10 years. These are the words of Rajan Anandan, former head at Google’s India operations. By 2030, the Internet and India will transform to a level in which they become capable to define the world.


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