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Kerala’s first DesignCon brings together designers in one platform 

DesignCon : Platform for designers & entrepreneurs

When the world is engaged in discussions over sustainable designing and design thinking, Kerala’s first Design Conference became a venue for the nation’s best designers to network. The DesignCon held, as part of TiEcon, at Karapparamba GHSS brought together artists, architects, graphic designers, students, authors and many more talented personalities from different walks of life.

The event that witnessed the line-up of designers
DesignCon was an event that covered all areas of life, opines TiE Kerala President MSA Kumar. DAC Principal Architect Brijesh Shaijal said that  this was a full packed event including  workshops, seminars and exhibitions.Collective Studio Founder Rekha Rodwittiya said that DesignCon was the venue to talk about young designers. Tony Joseph, chairman of the Avani Institute of Design, said the DesignCon was a line-up of designers across India.
Addresses the impact of design  
The event witnessed the discussion over the growing impact of design in lifestyle, politics, culture, environment and various other segments.Sessions led by people who have made innovative designs in architecture, design workshop for students, live wall painting and installations became part of DesignCon.
A venue for interaction
DesignCon provides  a great opportunity to interact with architects and students in the design community said Roy I. Varghese, Founder of Roy Varghese & Associates Chartered Accountants Incredible India Creative Director V. Sunil, Rouka Fashion Designer Sreejith Jeevan, Historian and Author Manu S. Pillai, Ar. Balkrishna Doshi, MLA A.J. Pradeep Kumar have attend the event.
Organizing mentoring master classes
Mentoring masterclass for startups and young entrepreneurs was also held as part of the event.Two-day long DesignCon is the joint initiative of TiE Kerala, Aavni Institute of Design and IIID. Adding extra glitz to the event was the venue where the DesignCon was held, Karaparamba GHSS is a fine example of design thinking.


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