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Germany’s Mainstage Incubator opens gateway for Kerala startups to abroad

At a time when the Kerala Startup Ecosystem is providing significant contributions towards the Indian Startup Ecosystem, Germany based Mainstage Incubator opens the gateway for the state’s startups to German and European markets. An MoU recently signed between KSUM and Mainstage Incubator promises many benefits to the state’s startup ecosystem.

Kerala Startups to fly abroad

The MoU between KSUM and Mainstage Incubator will foster startup relations between the Kerala and Germany. Kerala startups can avail advantage from a foreign market. Launch pads will be set up in both the countries aiming for geographical startup expansion.

Mainstage Incubator and KSUM will provide supportive initiatives to startups for expanding their businesses and finding investors. Kerala startups can register their branches either in Germany or in Europe. Workshops and knowledge exchange programs will be conducted in partnership with universities and government agencies.

Whom to benefit and how?

Companies providing with best of products and services will be benefited from the MoU. Mainstage Incubator will open the gateway for startups from IT, commerce, investment and service sectors. Startups who have proved their excellence since their early stages will avail of the best investors in town. Since it is the time when tech startups are gaining prominence in Europe, this will be a great opportunity for IT related startups in Kerala.

What is Mainstage Incubator?

For startups aiming to enter the heart of Europe, Mainstage Incubator will be the main entry. Mainstage will provide guidance on product marketing, fundraising, and organizing matchmaking events and meetups. Mainstage Incubator CEO Swen Rageev Felix Wegner said that startups in Kerala come up with path breaking ideas and that they have tremendous potential in the international market. He participated in the mentorship program organized by Kerala Startup Mission.



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