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Meet the successful entrepreneurs who are differently abled

In India, only very few of the differently abled community have achieved their dream of a profession. But despite their physical difficulties, many Indians have reached their goal of starting a startup. They prove that the formula for success is availability, not availability.


Simon George – Special Care Days

Despite being paralyzed waist down for 30 years, a 52 year old Simon George, who is an engineering graduate, started the first holiday company for differently abled community. The company works for people who needs special care including differently abled, elderly and the sick.


Sangeetha Desai – Raw Nature Company

Born without her fingers, Sangeetha Desai today is one of the brightest stars in the fashion world today. She has also designed costumes for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. During the Mumbai floods in 2006, her studio was completely ruined. Rising above challenges, she is now manufacturing botanical grooming products for men and women.


Ifthkar Ali – Aliquan Technologies

Ifthkar Ali, an Agra native who was affected with polio made his dream come true in Delhi. The IIM Calcutta graduate has founded and pioneers Aliquan Technologies, a software and web development company.

Shenaz Haveliwallah – Zobo Connect

Even after suffering from Epilepsy since the age of 19, Shenaz Haveliwallah started Zobo Connect, a startup which comes of assistance to entrepreneurs. In 2017, she also started Shenas Le Garden, a salad company.

Pranav Desai – Voice for Specially Abled

Pranav Desai from Ahmedabad, who is dependent on walking stick is today, the founder of ‘Voice of Specially Abled People’, an organization that empowers differently abled people. The startup was launched in 2015.

Sharat M. Gaykwad – Gammatics

Born with hand deformities, Sharath M. Gaykwad is a paralympic swimmer today. He has founded a startup, Gammatics at Bengaluru in 2014. It is a platform that provides swimmers with practice gear and other equipment.

Muhammed Gaddafi – Ma Ula

Muhammed Gaddafi lost his legs at the age of 19. He launched a startup catering to people suffering from similar disabilities. Gaddafi’s startup is Ma Ula, the country’s first bike service operated by differently abled people. The startup was launched in Chennai. Gaddafi, who holds a PhD in History, was a teacher at Presidency College

There are many more to name, who have coveted the dream for a startup. All such talents are the living proof that challenges are not the hurdles to launch a venture.


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