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SNA, one of the pioneers in Ayurvedic healthcare reaches centenary

SNA Oushadhasala completes 100th anniversary

The SNA Oushadhasala which was started in 1920 by Thaikkattu Unnimooss is celebrating its centenary. Unnimooss, who belongs to the famous Thaikkattu family, a prominent one among the Asthavaidyas,  has started Sree Narayana Ayurveda Oushadhasala at the age of 20, in the name of his father. The Thaikkattu Moose family, who were master among the Asthavaidyas, based in Thrissur since Shaktan Thampuran era. Thaikkattu Unnimooss is son of eminent medical practitioner, Narayanan Moos.

Campaigns for traditional therapy techniques 

As part of the centennial, SNA, one of the earliest Ayurvedic medicine producers, in India, is organizing seminars on innovative therapeutics in Ayurveda and campaigns which introduce traditional therapy techniques to the world. Unnimooss Foundation is the organizer of the events. PTN Vasudevan Moose, MD, Ophthalmologist, says that within 100 years SNA has build a prominent name in Ayurveda sector within and outside India .

Foreign doctors from European countries like Italy arrive at SNA to learn and practice Ayurveda. The team of doctors is headed by Ayurvedic Point in Milan, Italy. SNA has over 170 employees across its 2 pharmaceutical manufacturing units. They have distribution networks in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. SNA also exports medicines to more than 10 foreign countries including Italy, England, US and Russia.In its 100th year, SNA Oushadhasala has made its mark by scaling it to all the possible areas in the field of healthcare, without losing the glory of its tradition.


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