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Succesful entrepreneurs who were millionaires before teenage

We have heard stories of kids who earn a million dollars. Such stories, like the kid who made 1.3 mn dollar per month within the age of eight, surely inspire entrepreneurs.
Christian Owens, a unique talent who earned 1 million dollars at the age of 16. A British, he learned web designing at a very young age and started own designing company when he was 14. He harvested billions by developing application packages even for Mac Os.

Emil Motycka started lawn mowing business when he was nine. At the age of 13, he bought a lawnmower and started his enterprise Motycka Enterprise, taking a loan of 8000 dollars. In the first year, the company achieved one lakh dollars in the summer season.

Ivan became a millionaire by achieving millions through his toy review YouTube channel Ivan Tube even before the age of 8. The current statistics say Ivan Tube earns 1.3 million US dollars annually.

As a high school student, Cameron Johnson earned 4 lakh dollars per month. At the age of 14, he started his company Cheers and Tears and achieved million-dollar business through software and online advertising.

Hails from the UK, Adam Hildreth was a millionaire when he celebrated his 16th birthday. Dubit Limited, a social networking site for teenagers, was his brainchild. Later, he started the platform Crisp Thinking to save children from online traps.

The story of Moziah Bridges, who launched Mo’s Bows at the age of nine and went on to harvest 1.5 dollars per year, will astonish anyone. He was just ten when he appeared on the American Business Reality television show Shark Tank.

Farrhad Acidwalla provided jobs to 20 persons at the age of 16 by starting the marketing agency Rockstah Media. He has shared his entrepreneurial experience in Ted Talks.

Robert Nay surprised the world by achieving more than 2 million dollars within two weeks, that too when was just 14. He became popular in the tech market through his game ‘Bubble ball’.



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