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Healthcare startups which are rewriting the status of healthcare industry in India

Technology plays a great role in simplifying the lives of human beings. Many professions depend upon technology. Healthcare might be one of the sectors that gets the most of technology. Innovations in healthcare have proven to simplify complex procedures and increase the accuracy in treatment. In recent years, various startups have emerged using technology in curing serious diseases including cancer. Let’s take a look at some of the key successful startups in the healthcare sector.

I love 9 months

I Love 9 Months, a maternity wellness startup, is the brainchild of a Gaga Raj, who works in the fitness and wellness industry, Anjali, her daughter and Suma, her sister. The app is a guide for pregnant women. U.S-based Equifin VC has invested in it.


The startup took birth at a time when risks due to cardiovascular diseases were large. The startup, founded by Sonia Mohandas and Archu S. Vijay, manufactures Biocalculus, a wearable device that helps in quick ECG learning


Founded by Afsal Salu, Bestdoc created quite a rage in the healthcare sector. BestDoc is an innovative patient-doctor relationship management app.

Info Rich Technologies

Trivandrum-based Info Rich technology solutions aims to develop an electronic Healthcare Hub from where one can get healthcare-related information. Founded by Nishant Nambiar and Vinod Shashi, Info Rich is a highly effective patient management platform.

Drinn Virtual

An online cardiology health care company, Drinn works towards providing a convenient, reliable & secured platform for patients to consult their cardiologists. Top cardiologists, dietitians and psychologists will answer questions by users.

Activelogica Lifescience

The Kochi-based startup provides a comprehensive and scalable automation solution. The startup deploys FITKNOT, an AI-based platform to monitor workouts and exercises.

Medtra Innovative Technologies Pvt Ltd  

The startup is focused on research and development of innovative healthcare devices for a global clientele. Veineux, the startup’s product is the world’s most affordable vein tracking device.


The startup has an AI-oriented supply chain platform that makes patient care affordable for hospitals. CarePact assures higher profitability for hospitals through Group Buying Discounts, Optimized Inventory, Working Capital Financing and Maximized Staff Utilization.

Lamaara Technologies

The startup manufactures portable water filter to promote clean drinking habits among the community. Founded by Thomas Cyriac and Anto Patrex, the startup’s organic drinking bottles are now available in the market.

Astrek Innovations

Provides an innovative solution to help people with walking disabilities. Develops cutting edge solutions to some of our most complex problems – Disability and Rehabilitation. The startup has expertise in areas like robotics, motion capturing and machine learning.




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