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Steps to consider while retooling your budget to combat COVID-19

The world is under COVID-19 lockdown, offices are closed, jobs are scarce, a crisis is looming.What is my future?. One thought that disturbs middle-class societies across the globe. Because coronavirus has put the world at risk. But, taking precautions can help one overcome this difficult time. Be careful not to get infected of Corona, health and life are important. Be cautious about business & personal budgets. Follow only credible news related to the financial sector. Be aware of various supports govt & other establishments provide this time. An emergency budget should be prepared at home and office. Be it home essentials or business stock, keep minimum. Lend or take money only if unavoidable. Don’t spend or take money lavishly. Along with digital money, Keep liquid money, too. Scope for entertainment is less; don’t spend on online entertainment. Reduce purchases and gambling games. Relax your mind and body; over stress can worsen health. Use this opportunity to review your income/assets. Have a plan B – be it job or business; life after COVID-19 is unpredictable. Remember, avoiding random spending is saving; it is inevitable.


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