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Know about the support measures Google is undertaking in the battle against Covid-19

From reliable information to financial support, Google offers support to combat corona. Google would give USD 800mn to overcome the crisis. Corona-related information, even in ads, will be given free. 4000 chromebooks and 1 lakh Wi-Fi hotspots for students in California. 6.5mn dollars for fact-checking organisations, helpful in curbing misinformation. Customised Google doodle expressing gratitude to healthcare officials. Apple and Google are working on coronavirus tracking project. Google to find 5mn dollars for 5000 families in San Francisco. Google map has added a feature showing night shelters and food across India. Google CEO Sundar Pichai contributed Rs5 Cr to Give India. The company recently launched a coronavirus website focusing on India. The website is available in English, Hindi and Marathi.

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