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Govt of India imposes ban on popular file transferring website, WeTransfer

Govt of India has banned the popular file transferring site WeTransfer. During the lockdown, people who have been working from home relied heavily on WeTransfer as it allowed free file transfer of up to 2 GB in single use. It was a convenient medium to share videos, images and large documents. In the first two notices by the Department of Telecommunication, the internet service providers were asked to ban specific URLs of WeTransfer. However, in the third letter, the department advised service providers to ban WeTransfer completely. The notice cited national interest and public interest as the reasons.

Internet service providers like Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea and Hathway have completely blocked WeTransfer. A message that reads “You are not authorized to access this webpage as per DoT compliance” would pop up if you log in to WeTransfer. However, Airtel users are still able to access the file sharing site. The Centre usually bans websites that pose threat to the national security or display pornographic content. WeTransfer.com is in talks with the govt to lift the ban.

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