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Futuristic Technology companies will attract investors, Nanda Kumar, CEO Suntec Business

There is always demand for advanced technology fields like cognitive computing platform, visual intelligence and knowledge management. “Best  startup ideas in these fields may find it easy to attract investors,” says Nanda Kumar, President & CEO  Suntec Business Solutions on channeliam.com’s investor point. Nandakumar is a technology evangelist and investor.

SunTec is the leading provider of revenue management and business assurance solutions for financial services and digital communications services industries. With more than 15 billion transactions a month, SunTec’s flagship product Xelerate helps clients to create real-time personalised offerings that improve customer experience and optimise customer lifetime value.

  • Look for new technology or solution spaces
  • Govt is supportive of that
  • Such enterprises will attract fundsReal value of AI is in right use case you identify for a problem
  • Futuristic technology is an area of interest

Suntech has invested in a cognitive computing platform and an educational company. While visual intelligence was the attraction of the former, knowledge management model was the USP of the latter.  In future, all systems will be conversational in nature. Another area of interest is computation storage fields. Speed of transaction in future will depend on the speed in which you can store data.

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