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JIFFY.ai, an enterprise automation startup founded gets Rs 136 Cr funding during corona

Despite the Corona crisis across the world, JIFFY.AI, an enterprise automation startup founded by a Malayali, is gaining attention. JIFFY.ai recently garnered Rs 136 Cr worth investment in a series of funding that was led by Nexus Ventures Partners in participation with Venture Capitalists Rebirth Partners and W250.

JIFFY.AI is co-founded by Babu Sivadasan, a fintech enterprise software veteran. It is a software that helps companies automate their work and thus increase productivity. Babu Sivadasan started a technology enterprise in Kerala during the 1990s, a time when the term startup wasn’t in vogue.

When he reached America, he worked in three companies a day to gain more experience. Babu Sivadasan says that this helped him understand procedures both as founder and investor. Arriving in Silicon Valley from Kerala helped him observe the best enterprises at close quarters.

More than being self-employed, it is good to nurture enterprises that provide jobs. Panini, a not-for-profit enterprise, was thus launched. Panini holds the majority of share in JIFFY.ai. In addition to the US, JIFFY.ai has offices in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Bengaluru. He added that automation is going to revolutionize the world. Today, many companies that are part of the Fortune 1000 list are clients of JIFFY.ai. Babu Sivadasan says the funding will be used to set up a Knowledge Centre in Thiruvananthapuram to pursue subjects such as AI and machine learning.

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