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Shayya beds, Lakshmi Menon’s entrepreneurship idea from PPE wastes

As COVID-19 pandemic is spreading day by day, PPE kits and special gowns are manufactured on a large scale to meet the demand. But, wastes with plastic content are being piled up in tailoring units where the apparels are made. The waste cannot be incinerated due to the presence of plastic content. The brand Shayya converts those materials into beds for COVID care centres.

Under the leadership of Lakshmi Menon, Pure Living is gearing up for a movement that will create social and economic changes. Shayya beds are made only using waste materials generated while making doctors’ gowns and PPE kits. Many units make 20,000 PPE kits per day. The waste generation will also be high there. Lakshmi Menon realised the potential of entrepreneurship that would help women in this.

Beds are available at prices lower than the market price. A bed cost around Rs 300. As it is made of waterproof material, it can be washed and reused. In addition to managing waste, mattress manufacturing will also be an income for women. Anyone can buy a bed and donate it to panchayats. Thus, Shayya solves a lot of problems.

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