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eSmart, a French startup, launches high-performing and low-cost connected watches

This is the era of the smartwatches. Global pioneers like Apple, Fossil, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung and Fitbit lead the smartwatch market. The price would increase with brand value. That is how Apple watches became a craze for everyone. However, eSmart, a French startup, is out in the market with a high-performing and economic connected watch.

The manufacturers claim that eSmart sells the high-tech new generation watch at a much lower price than the others. The online price is $69, which would be around Rs 5,000 in the Indian market.

Trade reports say that the sale of the watch is skyrocketing. eSmart uses the same technologies used by the biggies of the market. The operating system is configured to prevent viruses. The HD touchscreen is adjustable to exterior light and the 100% waterproof watch has a sleep and fitness tracker. Another advantage is the personal vocal assistant system, which allows one to attend calls and arrange meetings.

The company claims this as the best offer for those who like connected watches. One can also receive SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp and Gmail notifications. The watch will help one stay up to date. Its in-built phone assistance technology can be effectively used during emergencies. It also provides GPS, wifi, reminders, important alarms and other task notifications. Smartwatch with protocol Bluetooth 4.0 to offer stable connectivity and heart sensors to detect heart-related problems, it weighs only 50 grams. The internal memory is 16 GB and battery backup is five days. All these factors give eSmart the edge over the existing players in the market. For those who want to be smarter, eSmart will be the economical brand.

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