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Singapore caters in-flight dining experience on earth to those who cannot afford air travel

Get ready to dine at the world’s largest passenger plane! Not up in the sky, but down on the earth. The unique experience is organised by Singapore Airlines by converting parked flights into restaurants. Singapore Airlines is offering an in-flight dining experience for those who crave for flight travel.

This extraordinary concept is being tested in Airbus A380, the world’s most luxurious aircraft. The inflight dining is a part of the ‘Discover Your Singapore Airlines’ programme. Anyone can enjoy the food prepared in the A380 Double Decker Super Jumbo at Changi Airport in Singapore. Separate menus are assigned to each cabin class. Renowned Singaporean chef Shermay Lee will prepare international cuisine, special dishes from the airline’s menu and traditional Singaporean food. Complimentary alcohol and soft drinks will be available with meals.

This offer is only available for two days – on October 24 and 25. Airport officials that said the weekend was chosen as it would give families to spend time together. Different types of dining such as economy class, premium economy class, business class and suites will be available. Packages range from $ 50 to $ 600.

Before entering the aircraft, there will be special security checks and thermal screening due to the COVID. The cabin crew will serve just like in an airline. Along with food, one can enjoy entertainment, including movies, music and TV shows usually available on flights. One can also avail exclusive online discounts from the airline shopping gallery KrisShop.com. As an incentive for traditional heritage, the airline has prepared special gifts for those who come to dinner in the traditional attire of Singapore. For those who can’t afford the in-flight dinner, there is SIA @ Home. One can order parcel from the Singapore Airlines through this system. Thus, Singapore Airlines proves that existence during the COVID is finding different ideas.

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