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Popular game Farmville to exit Facebook by December 31

Most of us would have played Farmville, the most popular game on Facebook. However, disappointing the Farmville lovers, the game developer has announced that it will be on Facebook only till December 31. Farmville is an agriculture-simulation social network game launched in 2009. It has been developed by the American social game developer Zynga. At its peak, the game had more than 80 million players tending to crops and raising animals. It is facebook’s decision to withdraw support to flash player-based games after December that forced Farmville to quit. Users won’t be able to play the game on facebook after December. It is also because adobe is going to stop the Flash Player distribution and update to all web browsers by December.

The makers have already asked game lovers to complete the remaining credit. The game payment system will not work after November 17. Hence, the in-app purchase will be possible only till that date. Zynga has a number of in-game activities in mind for players to give a farewell to Farmville. The makers are grateful to game lovers for their continued support In the last 11 years.

Games like Farmville were hugely popular during the inception. It diminished when the personal computer game market began to decline with the advent of smartphones and the proliferation of mobile games. In 2017, Adobe announced that it would end the Flash Player system by 2020. In the early days, Flash Player was one of the most popular ways to watch video clips and play games. Adobe decided to withdraw it when hackers began to use it intrude into personal computers.

Anyway, Farmville exit will not affect Zynga. Zynga guarantees that FarmVille2 and Tropic Escape games will be available on mobile. Moreover, FarmVille 3 will soon be available for mobile game lovers.

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