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The journey of Royal Enfield into becoming one of the most loved motor vehicle brand across the globe

Royal Enfield- Like the name implies, it is a brand with a regal look etched in the minds of bike lovers. The proud Royal Enfield is a strong presence on the Indian streets that no one wants to own. The King brand Enfield has a history of 119 years. The first ever Royal Enfield was introduced in England in 1901. Enfield Cycle Company Limited was the manufacturer. There is an extraordinary history behind the manufacturing and the name Royal Enfield. The Enfield Cycle Company was born in 1851 by George Townsend, a needle maker.Townsend turned from the needle to the manufacture of bicycle accessories. Bicycles were manufactured and released in 1886. But Eadie’s company, which had begun to fall into the abyss of losses, received an order to manufacture rifle parts for the Royal Small Arms factory in Enfield. This is where the fate of the company turns for the good again. The brand also adopts the name Royal Enfield as a mark of respect. The tag ‘Made like a gun’ was also adopted. In 1896 New Enfield Cycle Company Limited was formed. In 1897, Eadie launched a bicycle under this brand name. In 1899 the Royal Enfield quadricycle was introduced as a modified version of the bicycle.
Enfield built the ‘Army motorcycles’ – the ‘airborne model’ for the British Army during World War II. The first Enfield bullet was built in 1932 at the Redditch factory. Bullet’s first appearance was at the London Motor Show. Enfield ceased operations in England in 1971.

Bullet, Classic 350, Meteor 350, Classic 500, Interceptor 650, Continental, Thunderbird Excise, Standard, Adventure off-road model Royal Enfield Himalayan are some of the popular Enfield. In 2005, Royal Enfield completed 50 years in India. The Classic was launched in 2009, and Royal Enfield sold 52,000 motorcycles that year. In 2012, it was over one lakh. By 2014, it had tripled. The company sold approximately 824,000 bikes globally in the last fiscal year before Kovid was affected. Last year, 650,000 motorcycles were sold in India. Last year, the company doubled the size of one of the three factories and increased its total production capacity to 1.2 million motorcycles per year. Today, Enfield India has a distribution network in the UK and US. Royal Enfield is currently planning to build electric bikes to represent the new era.

It is estimated that Royal Enfield has about 59 dealerships and 25 studio stores across Kerala. There are those who love to travel because of their obsession with bullets. There are several Royal Enfield fan clubs all over India. What makes the Royal Enfield bullet royal is the shape and the sound of that gudu gudu. The bullet is a form of hearing imprinted on the mind of a small child or a child who does not know a lesson about a bike. Like a horn with a head. Bike lovers say that like wine, it gets stronger with age. Therefore, the Royal Enfield Bullet is beyond description.

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