WhatsApp alternatives gain traction in India

WhatsApp alternatives gain traction in India

The ‘Signal’ app has overtaken WhatsApp in the App Store

‘Signal’ is a cross-platform encrypted messaging app

It is a free open source software

Apple app store listing says ‘Signal’ does not collect personal data

It does not link the phone number with the identity

Also, it is available in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu

California-based ‘Signal’ was launched in 2014

It will work on Android, iOS and other operating systems

Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promoted the app on Twitter

‘Telegram’ collects data in multiple ways similar to WhatsApp

It collects name, phone number, contact and user ID

Offers two security encryption options for private-group chats

One can chat without revealing the contact number

Also, ‘Telegram’ offers a self-destruct timer and secret chat option

Telegram has a storage facility with encryption for chats

It is available on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS

Launched in 2013, Telegram has cloud-based storage facilities

‘Hike Messenger’, an Indian freeware is another alternative

Hike with multi-platform support also works offline through SMS

‘Hike Messenger’ was started by the startup Hike Private Limited

It has sticker chat and gaming features

It also has ‘Hidden Mode’ and passcode for private chats

Able to create groups up to 500 members and share files up to 100 MB

The new WhatsApp privacy policy is said to violate the privacy

The new policy will come into effect on February 8.

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