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WeWatt’s tech solution to charge your mobile phone while working out

Healthy mobile charging is the new viral subject on social media these days. A 13-second long video dong the rounds shows how innovative technology uses daily workout for mobile charging.

In this thought-provoking clip, one can see a few people riding exercise bikes while seriously indulged in some activities. The video is being shared under the hashtags ‘sustainability’, ‘environment’ and ‘innovation.’ The ambience of the video suggest that the location is an airport.

Such bikes for fitness freaks are installed at the Brussels airport. These bikes will charge phones and laptops with pedal power. Made of recycled wood, aluminium and leather, they have already been installed at various train stations in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. The pedal charging would take only the same time as a normal socket. The check-in area of Brisbane International Airport has such phone charging stations. One just has to pedal a little for recharge.

These charging bikes were developed by the Belgium-based company WeWatt. One can do this along with daily activities such as travelling, working, meeting, reading or relaxing. The advantage is that it also guarantees a healthy life.

According to the company, by converting human kinetic energy as a useful fuel, their project could turn human beings into energy sources. This opportunity to get charged and to give charge also imparts a lesson of sharing. The company also offers several healthcare options, including workstations and outdoor charging stations.

WeWatt has also developed an app to track the latest electric energy generated, calories burned, distance covered and battery status. What a beautiful and realistic dream!

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