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Army cheers Ladakh inventor’s latest offering

Sonam Wangchuk, an engineer and educational reformer from Ladakh, has invented solar-heated tents for Indian soldiers facing the bitter cold of the region. The character of Phunsukh Wangdu in the Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots’ was inspired by Wangchuk’s life. He built a sunlight tent for the army in the Galwan Valley. A tent can accommodate as many as 10 soldiers. Weight is less than 30 kg. It can operate even at a temperature of minus 14 degrees Celsius. No kerosene is needed and since it is carbon neutral, there is no air pollution as well.

   Wangchuk had previously built solar-powered mud tents. Earlier, he had called on Indians to boycott Chinese companies and products amid growing tensions between the neighbours.
Wangchuk is also known for inventing ‘ice pillar’ technology for water storage

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