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All you need to know about India’s first educational supermarket

New technology is rewriting the world order in a stunning fashion. In education sector, grounds are broken each day with disruptive innovations. Covid-19 forced schools and educational institutions to go the digital way in knowledge transmission. What we see now is a rain of learning apps, mostly by startups, flooding the market. But experts point out a common handicap in them. They lack the X factor to leave an impact on children. Most apps fail to cut the ice with students in smart and easy learning. They fall short of parents’ expectation regarding regular updates on children’s performance. And they flunk in quality test by teachers and school managements. Here comes EdGlobe, an edtech startup, which fits the bill. It offers everything from study to career selection with the unique opportunity for entrance preparation.

Founders say EdGlobe provides strong learning support to strengthen classroom learning at a time when even smart classrooms are getting outdated. EdGlobe enables students to find the best professional career. In a first in Kerala, EdGlobe puts forward the concept of educational supermarket.

EdGlobe fliplearn provides over 19,000 high quality topic-related 3D animated videos to students. The platform enables students to have deeper understanding of concepts and help teachers with reference and preparation. Here, students can do homework on the same platform as in school. About 2 lakh question papers are readily available. Chapter notes, revision notes and web links on each topic are its unique features. Instant performance reports save time and identify focus area. On teacher’ side, founders assert that there are not many digital learning platforms in India as supportive as EdGlobe.

Another product is EdGlobe Miat. This AI-powered aptitude test helps students realise their hidden talent and skill. It enables them to grow in that field and find the best career option. Another attraction of the platform is EdGlobe Pathfinder which provides systematic training for entrance tests, including professional courses. Founders say EdGlobe‘s launch is a step towards India 2.0 steered by best professional youths.

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