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Estonian firm Ööd developed ‘box office’ which one can install at home

A secure office that can be set up at one’s home. Isn’t it a perfect dream? Ööd, a company based in the northern European country of Estonia, has turned that dream into a reality by building a ‘box office’ priced at $20,000. The reason behind such a unique initiative was the increased customer demand during the COVID.

The box office is available in two sizes suit all situations. The large office includes a kitchen and bathroom. The small one is a 97-square-ft office that can comfortably accommodate two people. Also available are fully furnished or customised home offices at different prices. Those who need bigger office space can buy a 226-square ft office comprising a kitchen and bathroom.

The home office, which weighs three tons, can be installed within a few hours with the help of an electrician. The mirror work on the exterior and the minimalistic approach in the interior let the office blend with any location where it is installed. The glass, which reflects 80% of the sunlight, is treated to retain privacy. The front part of this ‘glass office’ provides an experience that makes one think that both inside and outside are similar. The uniqueness of the idea is that it does not require a foundation and its interior is flexible.

The Estonian-based company was started in 2016 by brothers Jaak and Andreas Tiik. The idea sprouted while they were planning a weekend outing and they couldn’t find rooms with quality, proper size and beauty at the place of their choice. This recognition paved the way for the Ööd hotel concept. Today, that idea has branched out into other areas like a studio, playroom, yoga room and winter garden.

The 226-square ft hotel is the company’s most popular product. The company upholds ‘Nordic minimalism’ as its hallmark. The office unit was launched last month. The company is planning to open a branch in the US considering the demand. At a time when ‘Work From Home’ is the new normal, the ‘home office’ is the right option to go for. This concept of ‘office inside a box’, which will soon arrive Amazon, can also be erected in the backyard, just for $ 19,900.

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