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Anand Mahindra’s tweet brought to limelight the inspiring story of Tamil Nadu’s Idli Amma

Many people use social media as a platform to share their hopes, ideas and struggles. Sometimes, such posts go viral, changing their lives for the better. ‘Idli Amma‘ Kamalathal from Tamil Nadu has such a story. A tweet from industrialist Anand Mahindra made Idli Amma viral all over India. Finally, Anand Mahindra fulfilled his promise to Idli Amma. A shop and house for her in Tamil Nadu.

Kamalathal went viral by selling Idli for just Rs 1 in Coimbatore. She is least bothered about making a profit. When began, all she had in mind was that the daily wage labourers should be fed properly. Thus she began giving idli, chutney and sambar for a rupee.

Anand Mahindra who came across the news shared it on his Twitter, which gave Idli Amma thousands of fans that she could not amass even after being in the business for more than three decades. Later, Bharat Gas in Coimbatore gave Kamalathal a new LPG connection. Anand Mahindra later found out that Kamalathal wanted a new home cum workspace and promised to make it possible. Now that word has been kept. Anand Mahindra also thanked the registration office at Thondamuthur for helping to register the place quickly.

The house and shop will be built by the real estate infrastructure wing of the Mahindra Group. Anand Mahindra supports not only the dreams of an 80-year-old entrepreneur but also her inspiring life. Kamalathal has made it clear that she will not sell Idli at a higher price even after the change. People like her are next generations’ role models.

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