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True Code -Kerala startup offer specialized service for valid data collection

Conducting market study is an imperative to success for anyone with an existing business or who plans a new venture. The success in fact, depends on the trustworthiness of the market study. Market data is an essential asset for the market development of a brand.This is where the startup venture True Code comes up with their service of market analysis.

What makes True Code a favourite even for the international brands is the fact that it provides accurate data through meticulous market study. True Code’s founder and MD Louis Isaac and Chief Marketing officer Jose Paul clarify that customer behavior and customer experience are the factors that provide the real picture of the market feasibility. True Code, which took birth in Rajagiri business incubation, helps entrepreneurs collect trustworthy data from the market.

True Code makes accurate data analysis by exploring the possibility of technology in market survey and quality intelligence. If it is a food product, they directly reach the audience with samples. For this, they have more than 2000 networks across the state. At a time where brands would not venture into market without basic data, True Code prepares reliable data with the help of technology. True Code’s business value mainly lies in its quality to update itself after each analysis to provide the accurate market data.

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