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Rahul Sasi’s CloudSEK enables firm to protect data through AI based Cyber security solution

What could be a threat to a human when he is living the data driven world where the debit-credit fraud and cyber crimes are rising day by day. Various researches & investments are being held all around the globe for cyber security. Whatever the nature of business is data protection is the prime concern.

Understanding these problems, Rahul Sasi founded Bangalore based CloudSEK, which enable firms to protect their data. CloudSEK is an artificial intelligence & machine learning driven digital risk management platform it helps its clients to assess their security from attackers.

Rahul was joined by Sourabh Issar (CEO) in 2018. Though based in Bengaluru, the company has offices in Singapore. CloudSEK has raised 14 Cr in pre series A funding round and 3.5 Cr from IDFC’s series. Today various e-commerce platform, leading banks are its clients.

CloudSEK has received angel investment from MD Meeran foundation, Eastern Group. CloudSEk has marked its presence in the global market and indeed has showcased as an ideal startup growth.

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