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SuTa- Hand-woven, Handcraft Kingdom of two passionate sisters, Sujata & Tanya

SUTA, the brand name derived from the syllables of the Entrepreneurs SUjata & TAnya which means Thread. It is no wonder the sister duo ended up to build their SuTa brand of hand-woven 7 handcrafted business. India being a heterogeneous country when it comes to attires, the beauty of women is always praised when she wore a saree. SuTa was launched in 2016; Sujata was an engineering graduate and a MBA holder & has close 8 years work experience across Essar Group, Jindal group & IIT Bombay.

Tanya, also an engineer & IIM Lucknow graduate worked 3 years with IBM & Tata group. Slowly and steadily the firm expanded from two to 20 and also embraced 50 weavers across India. SuTa’s exquisite varieties of sarees include banarasi, Jamdani, malmal, Malkesh & full hand-woven are shipped across the country and to international markets. The 2017 incident when SuTa’s stall at an exhibition in Mumbai caught fire, the two sisters’ undergone heart wrenching situation. At the time of crisis the family support and more over each other’s support led the grand coming back of Suta to the market. Today Suta has revenue of 5.5 Crore.

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