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Indu Menon’s Kara reinvents humble ‘thorthu’ from Kerala to international markets

Kara is the brainchild of Indu Menon, a Kerala-based woman entrepreneur, who happened to witness the sad plight of handloom weavers who live in abject poverty after powerloom has taken over handloom in a man versus machine scenario. Kara, started off as a social enterprise, is Indu Menon’s effort to preserve the traditional craft of handloom weaving.

Kara reinvented the traditional ‘thorthu’, a piece of cloth all Malayalees are familiar with. Indu Menon gave the indispensable household fabric a facelift, and Kara, today, is an emerging apparel brand in America.

Kara makes and exports hand-woven products from coasters to cocktail napkins to the US and other foreign markets. Casino Group Hotels regularly purchases Kara products. Kara now helps weavers weave dreams in their looms, and tell a story of survival.

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