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Kerala Startups will be Uncatchable once they learn funding tactics, opines Dr. Ritesh Malik

Investor and entrepreneur Dr. Rithesh Malik says startups in Kerala can be successful if they learn how to raise fund and find capital. While talking to Nisha Krishnan, founder, Channeliam.com, he says that there is huge potential for startups in Kerala. On a further note, he briefs 5 key points that a startup founder should consider in order to be successful.

-Focus on building the best product possible

-Even when your company is based in Kerala, expose yourself to other cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, and Silicon Valley. Meet people and learn from them.

-Raising capital and funds is the most important thing, so startup founders should ensure that that you learn that. One of the major reasons why Kerala startups fail is the inadequacy of capital. If they have capital, no one can stop them from becoming a billion dollar company.

-Startups should have a broader vision for their firm.

-Think large. One thing Dr. Rithesh Malik found lacking in Kerala startups is that they don’t think large. He advises startups to think broadly and aim to acquire a big market share in the country at least.


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