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Chase your customers not investors, K Vaitheeswaran

Investors play a significant role in a company’s success. But more than often, entrepreneurs follow the wrong trend of seeking investors in running the business forgetting the truth that customers are the real investor in any business, says K Vaitheeswaran, entrepreneur and speaker.

Compared to the number of investors, the customer base of a company shows a huge difference. An entrepreneur might have thousands of customers but a very few investors, so it’s simple to realize who is more important in any business, adds Vaitheeswaran.

If an entrepreneur is running a business on venture funding, then that will be a short-term business. Whereas, if the business is funded by customers, it will be a long-term business, he clarifies. An investor expects a financial return while customers expect product satisfaction. It is easy for an entrepreneur to create customer satisfied product than a business model that delivers a financial return to the investors. Entrepreneurs should chase customers instead of investors. Customers are happy to invest in good business, he concluded.


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