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Be aggressive to be a sales superstar, tells international sales trainer Subramanian Chandramouli

The sales mentor and writer Subramaniam Chandramouli gives the definition for an aggressive sales person.  The aggression depends upon the kind of targets a sales person is willing to take and the kind of effort he/she is ready to take.

“Aggression is not about pushing that customer aggressively but how much toil one can take to achieve the target,”he said.

Startups will do the sale pitch and a grown up company will do the sales presentation. “When you present a sales presentation you will always present it from a customer’s perspective,” says Subramaniam Chandramouli. The customer always looks for the benefit he or she is going to have from the product, so whenever you present talk about the benefits your customer will get through your product or service, he added.

Another point Mr Chandramouli highlighted to the founders was to closely evaluate the sales team. There will be instances when the company will not receive an adequate result from the sales team which means that there is definitely something wrong which needs to be fixed. If you need a good output you need to give an input.


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