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Kerala startups efficient in problem solving will be benefited by 100 Cr funding from Unicorn Ventures

Efficiency of Kerala Startups

Startups in Kerala are efficient when it comes to problem solving, opines Anil Joshi, founder of Unicorn Ventures. There are startups which solve drinking water issues in Kerala. Recently, India witnessed deluge in many places. In the flood-affected areas, water scarcity is on the rise. From now on, such problem-solving startups will be given priority, said Anil Joshi to Channeliam.com

A helping hand from Unicorn Ventures

The B2B sector which has startups that solve problems faced by society has great scopes of funding. Most of the startups succeed in getting funding too. Currently, Unicorn Ventures is planning for funding worth 400 Cr to the B2B sector. Among these, Rs 100 Cr will be exclusively for Kerala Startups.

The motive of the funding

Seed stage, Pre Series A and Series A are the segments which will be focused. Unicorn Ventures aims to fill the gap in the space that most investors do not notice much, said Anil Joshi. He was talking to Channeliam founder Nisha Krishnan.


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