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Progressive agriculture and innovative farming methodologies discussed at TiE Kerala’s Agripreneur 2019

In the backdrop of extreme climatic conditions playing out in Kerala and the new opportunities that have arisen in agriculture, the state warrants a brilliant step to preserve land which is the most valuable asset, opined Revenue Secretary Dr Venu. When the agriculture sector is being discussed, land-related issues come many a time. More often than not, land utilization becomes the subject of the debate.

Technology in Farming

Targeting the agricultural sector of the state, Agripreneur 2019 organised in Kottayam held discussions on the changes brought by technology in agriculture and the new farming methodologies that are setting example nationwide. Last two years saw the birth of many technologies that helped the agriculture sector. Many changes have happened. Digitalization will help farmers, opined Jatin Singh. Devendra Singh was of the opinion that advancement in technology will help agricultural productivity.

Agriculture Startups

Dr Chandrababu, Vice-Chancellor of Agricultural University, pointed out the role of startups in addressing issues in various sectors, including agriculture, and the new initiatives undertaken by the Agricultural University of Kerala. Educated youth are still reluctant to foray into farming. Only one or two do that. Many become farmers when they find nothing else to do, said Dr. N Bharati, Director of Grow More Bamboo.

To address the agrarian crisis

Experts who participated in the Agripreneur debate said the government needed serious intervention at the policy level to solve the global climate change and address the country’s agrarian crisis with the help of advanced technology. Prominent speakers from different fields participated in the event, said TiE Kerala president MSA Kumar.

Agri entrepreneurs share success stories

Entrepreneurs and innovators who have tasted success in agriculture shared their experiences. Various products were showcased as part of the Agripreneur Summit. TiE Kerala Agripreneur Meetup was organized on the theme ‘Agriculture to Prosperity’.


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